Fabrizio De André's Manuscript

Sometime ago Dori Ghezzi found this note for me in one of Fabrizio’s diaries. Since what he wrote revealed Fabrizio’s personal feelings I was a little hesitant to publish it, then a dear friend, also one of Fabrizio’s old time musicians, told me:

“Pier, Fabrizio gave us a lot, so it is just right that the public knows what his musicians gave him.”


For those who can’t understand Fabrizio’s handwriting:


Dear Pier,

you cannot imagine the sense of security that I feel in (feeling, cancelled), (knowing, cancelled), hearing you behind me while I sing. It’s like feeling protected. This is just another reason Bruno (the tour manager) gave you huge tips!

Big hug   Fabrizio


Thank you Fabrizio, you tought us a lot.


Pier Michelatti


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